A Cry From The Heart

Puppets for adults

From her double bed, which forms the basis of a series of scene changes, a disillusioned and bitter woman, Christine, tells us her commonplace yet universal life story. She has decided to reveal all so as to cast off the burden of her past and be able to shout out from the rooftops that she has loved wholeheartedly.

Christine, a small mannequin operated by two actresses, soliloquises on the steps of her life leading to embitterment. She does so with gentle and refined humour.

The play, by Sonia Gonzalez (direction and stage play), has been received with great acclaim at numerous international festivals, returns to the stage with fine, nuanced performances from two talented actresses, Aurora Poveda and Mariam Delgado, stage set by William Defresne and puppets designed and built by Lilian Maa'Dhoor.